This theatrical story recounts a grotesque trip and displays a particular panoply of man : a circle, a ventriloquist, a dance of the shadows of conscience, a blind man, transformed traditional songs, a hanging cord, the movement of time, the apparition of word… All in all, the old story about the Fall of man. Children of rag – Tableau of a fall, following a kaleidoscopic perspective and through a dynamic montage of precise actions, narrate the steps of that epic of the man who has lost innocence.

The story is narrated by some characters that could be prototypical, without subjectivity or psychological journey, giving shape to a work that can be read as a sequence of portraits. Some of these images appear hieratic, others with a simple monstruosity. Adding this to the themes that are evoked… could we say that we are faced to a piece containing medieval resonances?

The scenes, as they are being enacted, give rise to questionsWho am “I”? Is this panoply, which we are living in, real? What are all these labors worth for? What happens after death? Even though un-responded, the piece intends to give some kind of poetic suggestions to these questions.