La Vella Fam

La Vella Fam is an artistic platform that accommodates and supports the creative work that germinates around its members. As such, La Vella Fam functions as a creative umbrella under which productions, research, exchanges and diffusion in the performing arts terrain take place.

The theatrical work of La Vella Fam springs forward from an actor’s training guided by Pei Hwee Tan and Francesc Torrent. The research work being carried out is related with a stream of theatre laboratories where an organic approach to the actor’s work is considered essential.

La Vella Fam has developed and develops the following works:

El Romanço de Llorenç

El Romanço de Llorenç, performed by Pei Hwee Tan and Francesc Torrent, is a theatrical narration in two voices of a possible story —between legendary tale and real life event– of the region of Penedès in Spain.

The two performers created and wrote the piece after numerous sessions of meetings with the old people in the village of Llorenç del Penedès, together with intensive research into traditional songs and styles of storytelling from Catalunya.

In April 2013 the text of the piece was published: El romanço de Llorenç, by P.H. Tan and F. Torrent, Llorenç del Penedès, 2013. Edited by Ass. Portal Nou Cultural.

El Romanço de Llorenç

El Pes de la Palla, a documentary film



In the year 2011, La Vella Fam (in collaboration with Marc Capdevila) undertook a special project: the filming of a documentary film. The idea for the documentary was to record a conversation with a specific person who could perceive the “westerners” from an outside point of view, someone from a different cradle who could put into words what he perceived in the “westerners”. Finally Oumar Diallo, the protagonist of the documentary, was found.

«What are our fears?; “What is the value we give to the ‘word’?; How do we live ‘time’?; Is there anything sacred in our place?» These are some of the questions that were posed to Oumar Diallo. In its 42mn duration, El Pes de la Palla intends to place a mirror in front of the westerners, giving thus a chance to become aware of our behavioral habits.