Children of rag – Tableau of a fall

a performance piece by La Vella Fam

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trip to Mexico, supported by:

The process

The creation of Children of rag — Tableau of a fall has followed a special process. After germinating and developing in Barcelona, the piece began a touring phase of international presentations to meet with different groups of creators and spectators (see Calendar), at the same time continuing its process of maturation. In the autumn of 2012, the piece has gone into a hibernation period while preparing its evolution.

La Vella Fam

Children of rag — Tableau of a fall emerges as the result of the impulse of four performers (Mexico, Italy, Singapore and Catalonia) who constituted La Vella Fam from mid 2011 till autumn 2012. The theatrical work of La Vella Fam springs forward from an actor’s research that is related to a stream of European theatre laboratories where an organic approach to the actor’s work is considered essential (see About Us).